Best Quote: “I see the quality that goes into these products.”

Profession: General Manager of Operations
Work Location: Childersburg, Alabama (JX/ENEOS Processing plant)
How long working at JX/ENEOS? 
“I started working at JX during construction of the plant in Childersburg, on March 1st, 2006.”
Job Description: 
Responsible for all of the daily operations in the facility pertaining to manufacturing.
“We have lubricants, grease, and packing operations. We start our operations by offloading raw materials from railcars or trucks into holding tanks. We transfer these raw materials into blending tanks for lubricants, or kettles for grease, and manufacture our finished products. Then, the product is either packaged into a quart, gallon, 5 quart bottle, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, 300 gallon tote, or bulk truck. We are currently installing a “Bag in a Box” machine that fills 6 gallon bags. 

Inspecting equipment at 120 feet high

“I’m also responsible for maintenance. I serve as an onsite mechanic, electrician, plumber, computer repair, and whatever else needs to be done. I am involved in most of our expansion projects, so the brainstorming, planning, quote acquisition, and construction normally fall into my realm. Another element that I am involved with is our Hazwoper team. This requires training to know how to handle hazardous materials if any should be spilled on our site. 
“I absolutely LOVE my job. I could be repairing a pump in the morning, troubleshooting packaging equipment around lunch, and discussing a new project with a contractor in the afternoon. There is no telling what direction my day is headed when I arrive at work and it remains a constant challenge that involves learning new skills and forces me to improve almost daily.” 
Favorite thing about job:
“My favorite part is the challenge. There is no greater reward than facing a challenge and making the seemingly impossible happen. 

Inspecting new tanks

“The next favorite part is the people. We have a great team that puts a lot of effort into our success, and no one person can make it all happen. It takes a great team working together and this team spans from our parent company in Japan throughout all our North American operations.”

What is your favorite thing about ENEOS?

When starting to work for this company, I didn’t know much about it.  After working here for a while and getting to know the company culture, I’ve come to learn what a great organization it is.  They are very dedicated to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.  Safety is our number one focus.  I’ve heard that everywhere that I’ve worked, but I feel like this is one place where it’s true.  If we have any type of safety concern, production stops until we can resolve the issue.  We may have to work longer hours to keep our production schedule or work with the customer to change our shipping schedule, but we all try to make sure that everyone goes home in the same condition they arrived at work and we have not harmed the environment at all.  Our facility is one of the cleanest places that I have seen.  That says a lot since we deal with bulk petroleum products.  There is a lot of time and money required to keeping a plant like this clean, but it is a priority for us.

I see the quality that goes into these products.

ENEOS products are formulated to give the end user the best performance and protection available for their vehicles. There is a JX laboratory, in Japan, where chemists and engineers are developing formulas for products that are blended and then tested in powertrains long before the production ramp up in a facility like ours can produce the lubricants and make them available on the open market.  There is a lot of time and research that goes into each formulation.  These products are very material specific.  There simply are no substitutes.  Our formulations are designed with the highest quality standards in mind and we can’t subvert that through lower quality raw materials.

Favorite thing about where you live/work?
“I like visiting cities, but I wouldn’t want to live in one. I’m a country boy at heart. I like having land and space around me. Childersburg is a beautiful part of the south, we have plenty of space, less traffic, and things move a little slower. That great southern hospitality is alive here.” 
Interests and Hobbies: 
“Building and modifying almost anything with an engine has always been a hobby. 
“A few years ago, I built a motorized bicycle.  Gas was really expensive and I was tired of spending so much money.  This bicycle will top out at 60mph and gets a whopping 150mpg.  I drove it to work almost every day for over a year, until the gas prices started to decrease.”

“I purchased a bucket truck to paint my house with the intent of selling the truck after my house was finished.  I never realized how much I could use this tool.  I have ended up using this truck to help most everyone I know for anything from trimming trees to house repairs or using as a crane.  I like helping people by offering my labor and skills to others that don’t know how or can’t afford the task needed.  Most of my friends and neighbors keep me pretty busy, but I enjoy every minute of it.”
More Facts About Jason:

  • Married (20 years) with one daughter
  • Likes to repair things around the house (sign us up!)
  • Also loves reading and making “slime” with his daughter

Thanks, Jason, for letting us put you in the spotlight! ENEOS would not work like a “well-oiled machine” without team members like you.

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