Best Quote: “(With ENEOS), power was definitely increased from its usage along with longevity across the range of vehicles I have used it in. Engine revs are delivered in a more linear and smooth response.”

Garage/Repair Shop:  Friendly Automotive/PeakPerformance

Owner: Paul Lo (Father)
Head of Operations: Alvin Lo (Son)

Location: Markham, Ontario (Canada)
What’s the meaning of your company name? 
“The origin of our company name dates back to 80’s and was created by my father. It was an attempt to break the stereotypical image that mechanics are generally a lesser trusted professional. We pride ourselves in absolute honesty and transparent repairs and diagnostics, along with being a completely family friendly oriented repair facility.”
What is your company mission or philosophy?
“Safety takes priority, everything else will follow. My father has been a more traditional type of mechanic. He always had a strict regime of doing things the right way. To him it was either absolute perfection or nothing at all. This philosophy is still very much ingrained into the company to this very day.”

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How long have you been doing what you do?
Paul, who was the founder has been “attacking the wrench” for over 35 years. The garage opened in 1987 officially under the business name of Friendly Auto Service by him and his (now retired) partner.
Alvin joined the organization 11 years ago. PeakPerformance was a side venture he started for performance vehicles and racing.

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What sets you apart from others?
“As technology changes so do the repairs and modifications being performed. At the core of our business is the close relationships forged from dedication to our clients. We cater to every type of client from financially conscience college students to our higher end super sport clients and enthusiasts. The key thing is that we will work with them at their pace no matter what the situation is. I think this really sets us apart and is the true definition of Friendly Auto.”
How did you first become interested in cars?
“I remember as a kid I was a fan of boxy or angular but sporty looking cars like the current Nissan GTR. I don’t know exactly why or what gravitated me towards this car in particular, but it was a matchbox miniature 1980’s Volvo in a gorgeous blue that appealed to me. This car debuted even before I was born, but I remember asking my dad to get one while I was only 4 years old. Surely enough, one day he came home from work and surprised me with a 1985 760 Turbo intercooler, of course it was blue just like my little toy car. Even though it was my mom that was the driver of the vehicle, I always claimed that the car is mine. I think this was what started it all.”

On using ENEOS:

When did you start using ENEOS products?
“We have been using ENEOS in our race and personal vehicles for about four years. “
Which ENEOS products do you use?
“We have used ENEOS Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, ENEOS SUSTINA Premium High Performance Motor Oil, ENEOS Transmission Fluid and ENEOS Gear Oil.”
What specifically have you noticed about using ENEOS products?
“Longer change intervals, increased power, fuel savings and smoother engine.
“In particular with AMG engines, the ENEOS SUSTINA 0W-50 motor oil seems to have a much better wear resistance even in comparison to the AMG specific oils. Power was definitely increased from its usage along with longevity across the range of vehicles I have used it in. Engine revs are delivered in a more linear and smooth response.”

When did you start tinkering or rebuilding cars?
“Besides trying to take apart my radio control cars in an attempt to put it back together as a kid, I started to tinker with friends cars at around the age of 16. Of course it wasnt nearly as in depth and as advanced as the stuff we do now, but it was a taste of what was to come. We scraped every penny we could afford and did the simple stuff like exhaust, intake and of course the dangerous oil changes on a tilted driveway. We were young and feared nothing.”

What (or who) do you feel was instrumental to getting where you are?
“Definitely my dad (Paul). It was tough love working with him in the beginning. I would be scolded at much more than the others around me. But it was worth it. All the years and wealth of experience hes had from a repair facility and also tinkering with performance vehicles during his youth was basically a mechanics bible study for me.”

CSCS Season Finale at TMP

What cars do you run?
1999 Acura Integra Type R with a purpose built K20a series motor in the Canadian Sport Compact Series.

What are some of your favorite moments being in your industry?
“This business has been running for many years now. We tend to have customers of an older age continually coming back for service for over 25 years. There is this one particular customer with poor memory. He would always come in nearly every month for as long as I can remember for an oil change as he sips his morning coffee and read the daily newspaper in the waiting area. He never seems to remember that hes already had an oil change the previous month and is yet to be due for another.
“So I would pretend to have completed the oil change after inspecting the tires for pressure, brakes for wear etc unless he actually needed it, and let the customer go after he was finished his coffee. When he asks how much he needs to pay, I would tell him that his son already picked up the tab and not to worry about it. I think this gesture was very well received by the client’s family. I now have their entire family’s trust from the moment they found out what I was doing. That was a defining moment for me. What it meant to stay friendly.”
What does the future look like for your business?
“We are in the process of becoming much more. More than just a repair and modification garage. We are busy engineering and relentlessly designing. We are extremely excited in forging a path in an attempt to break the world speed and acceleration record for production motorcycle that is purely EV based, with technology that has never been showcased before on two wheels. More news to come!”

Thanks to Friendly Auto/PeakPerformance for being ENEOS People!

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