Best Quote: “What I love about [ENEOS] is… people are always bragging about the increased performance.”

Profession: Sr. Manager of Sales, ENEOS products
Work Location: Based out of Chicago, territory is New England; also works with some bulk distributors in the South Eastern US
How long working at JX/ENEOS? 
4 years
Job Description: 
Works with retail, distributors, bulk purchasers, supports sponsorships (including supporting the ENEOS partnership with the Boston Red Sox) and has been primarily working on growing business in New England

August 17, 2015, Boston, MA: Red Sox Scholars and sponsors huddle together during an ENEOS community service event with the Red Sox Foundation at the McKinley School in Boston, Massachusetts Monday, August 17, 2015. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox)

What did you do before ENEOS? 
“I have worked in the lubricants industry over the last twelve years, although more with rust prevention. Focused on retail, military and hunting & fishing applications, also on the sales side.”

August 17, 2015, Boston, MA: Red Sox Scholars and sponsors huddle together during an ENEOS community service event with the Red Sox Foundation at the McKinley School in Boston, Massachusetts Monday, August 17, 2015. (Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox)

Favorite thing about job:
“It’s very hands-on. I get to work directly with large retail outlets and bulk oil distribution. Of course, the team, we have a very dedicated and talented group. We work very well together. ENEOS has great people, it’s like family.
I also enjoy the opportunity to work directly with our partnerships, both the people and the sports, like Global Rally Cross, NASCAR and the Boston Red Sox. To have been a part of all our partnerships at the ground level when it all started is really cool.”
Favorite thing about where you live/work?
“I love the restaurants. Being able to catch a Cubs game. There is so much to do, I enjoy the city. But it’s the people… Chicago people have a big heart. So, there’s fun, food, entertainment and the waterfront. The people here work very hard, you see it when walking through the city. People here care about each other.” 

What is your favorite thing about ENEOS?

“It’s a premium, high performance product. It provides increased fuel efficiency, power, and stability which makes your vehicles perform to the top of their capability. There’s a reason we are an OE manufacturer. We work directly with their R&D teams and we have the technology and knowledge to make superior products.

Andy with Boston Red Sox Manager John Farrell

“People are always bragging about the increased performance”
“When people use our ENEOS products, they’re always bragging about the increase in their vehicles performance. Not only are they gaining horsepower, but when they drain the fluids, they notice a considerable difference between ours and other products. They notice a considerable difference right from the get go, after completing an ENEOS oil change. They can feel the difference when they hit the pedal.
A Quality Product
ENEOS products are formulated to enhance the overall performance of your vehicle. ENEOS technology delivers on both sides of the spectrum, it provides a fuel efficient product while maintaining the power and performance that enthusiasts are striving for. “

Interests and Hobbies: 
“Hanging out with family, watching nephews play baseball & football, golf, fishing, getting out on the lake (at lake house at Paw Paw Lake in Michigan), hanging out downtown in Chicago. Summer is great, but I love the fall when it starts to get cooler.”
More Facts About Andy:

  • Just married! The ceremony was in July in the Dominican Republic.
  • Brother Kevin is a stunt man in movies and TV
  • Although his parents have passed away, his father was a producer for TV and movies, and created the original “Da Bears/Da Bulls” commercials


With stuntman and brother Kevin at Kyle Larson’s trackside pit stop seating, NASCAR XFINITY, Chicagoland Speedway


Memorable moments with ENEOS:

  • Was at race for first win with NASCAR partner Kyle Larson, in the No 42 ENEOS Chevy Camaro
  • With client Dennison when their team member threw out the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game
  • Presenting the Red Sox Foundation’s New England Red Sox Service Scholarship Program winners with their scholarships alongside Boston Mayor Marty Walsh at Fenway Park

Thanks, Andy, for letting us put you in the spotlight! ENEOS would not work like a “well-oiled machine” without team members like you.

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