ENEOS Joins VTEC Club USA Autumn Speed Festival

As we quickly shift to cooler fall temperatures, weekend racing events have begun to pick up again following another blistering summer in Southern California. VTEC Club USA has been a popular grassroots series we’ve been following since some of its founders participated in Super Street’s Super Lap Battle competitions a few years ago, and their own racing series are becoming popular for local Honda enthusiasts. ENEOS joined them as a partner for their third round of 2021, the Autumn Speed Festival held at Willow Springs International Raceway.

Set to the Big Willow course known for high speed, the track layout will test a driver’s skill and confidence thanks to several mid-to-high speed turns at the last sector, a challenging turn 8 right-hander, and a decreasing radius right at turn 9 that takes you into the front straight — two areas that can make or break your lap time and help determine the circuit’s flow.

ENEOS Motor Oil is ideal for cars that compete in the VTEC Club series because our high-quality performance lubricants are developed with (and used by) the majority of Japan’s vehicle manufacturers, such as Honda. ENEOS motor oils utilize high-quality base oil and advanced additive technology to provide optimal protection against wear under the most extreme conditions, as well as reduced friction for superior performance and fuel savings. VTEC Club offered our RACING SERIES oils as prizes for the class winners, as well as raffle giveaways.

With Group A, A2, N, N1 and N2 classes, there are drivers of varying skill levels competing at any given VTEC Club event. While this is a time attack competition, it’s geared heavily towards the importance of safety and having fun while going fast. Looking at the positive feedback on their social media, it looks like everyone’s having lots of fun and setting great lap times in the process!

For a complete Autumn Speed Festival breakdown, visit: https://www.clubracerevents.com/photos-and-recaps/vtec-club-rd3-recap


VTEC Club USA heads to Buttonwillow Raceway Park on December 3, 2021, where competitors will take on the 13CW course configuration.

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