DSPORT Gains 8+ Horsepower With ENEOS Oil Change!

Our friends at DSPORT recently began work on their latest build, dubbed Project Q50, and the first order of business was an oil change. They selected ENEOS RACING STREET 0W-20, a Group-III synthetic oil meeting API SN certification with a high viscosity index.

Strapped to the in-house DSPORT Dynojet, the Infiniti produced 302.74whp in stock form. After replacing the oil with ENEOS lubricants, the VR30 motor put down 311.40whp, representing an 8.66whp gain from a simple oil change!

It’s also worth noting the improvements were seen across the board, from idle to redline.

With a stock baseline of 300.12 lb-ft of torque, the ENEOS RACING STREET 0W-20 also helped the VR30 to push 308.99 lb-ft of torque, for a gain of 8.87 lb-ft of torque!

Similar to the horsepower gains, the torque improvement is found throughout the RPM range.

While DSPORT has a few more variables to test before completing the story, the team were delighted to see a fresh oil change surpass their expectations.

We didn’t expect much from an oil change, and had to dyno the Q50 to ensure an accurate baseline. Typically, we’ve seen gains of 5whp and 5 lb-ft of torque in the past, but these results were simply outstanding!

The DSPORT Q50 has proved extremely responsive to modifications, as seen with consistent dyno pulls, and the baby “GT-R” has a good shot at becoming a solid performance sedan. Stay tuned as they extract more power!

To learn more about ENEOS RACING STREET 0W-20, visit: https://www.eneos.us/product/eneos-racing-street-0w-20/

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