Dai Yoshihara Reports From 2019 Formula Drift New Jersey

Round 4: Wall Stadium Speedway
Wall, NJ

June 7-8, 2019

Qualifying 1st Run Score: 95
Qualifying 2nd Run Score: 98
Qualified: 3rd
Finished: 9th

2019 Current Standing: 13th

Competition Recap

TOP 32
Dai Yoshihara vs Kevin Lawrence

Dai had a good lead run, but began having engine issues causing the car to shut down during his chase run with Kevin. That resulted in One More Time, where both runs are repeated. On this occasion, Kevin almost spun at the second outer zone during Dai’s lead run. Dai kept close proximity on his chase run with Kevin, and that was sufficient to allow him to move in to the Top 16.

TOP 16
Dai Yoshihara vs Ken Gushi

In the Top 16, Dai continued to have engine problems, causing the car to lose power or shut down. This caused Dai to straighten after the first inner clip on his lead run, resulting in an incomplete run. As a result, the team called a Competition Timeout to see if they could resolve the issue, but weren’t able to fully diagnose it. After a few adjustments were made Dai returned to the start line for his chase run. During the chase run, Dai was able to keep good proximity to Ken on the banking but could not keep it up after the first inner clip. With the disadvantage of an incomplete on his lead run and Ken’s strong run during Dai’s chase, he ended the day here in ninth place.