Dai Yoshihara Reports From 2019 Formula Drift Atlanta

Round 3: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta
Braselton, GA

May 10-11, 2019

Qualifying 1st Run Score: 93
Qualifying 2nd Run Score: 95
Qualified: 7th

Finished: 10th
2019 Current Standing: 11th

Competition Recap

TOP 32

Dai Yoshihara vs. Ryan Litteral

Dai ran a smooth lead run with Ryan aggressively chasing behind. On Dai’s chase run, he maintained close proximity to Ryan, who spins coming out of the keyhole, giving Dai the win and he advances to the Top 16.

TOP 16

Dai Yoshihara vs. Michael Essa

Right before the Top 16 begins a heavy downpour started and would continue sporadically through the night.

Dai, the 2011 FD Champion, had a strong lead run but he missed a gearshift going into the keyhole on his chase run with Michael, the 2013 FD Champion. The missed shift caused Dai to straighten out, which gave the judges an easy decision for Michael to move on.

Dai finishes 10th overall on the night in Atlanta and currently sits 11th overall in the series