Dai Yoshihara Recaps the 2019 Opening Round of Formula Drift on the Streets of Long Beach

Round 1: Streets of Long Beach
Long Beach, CA

April 5-6, 2019

Qualifying 1st Run Score: 94
Qualifying 2nd Run Score: 97
Qualified: 4th
Finished: 9th
2019 Current Standing: 9th

Competition Recap

TOP 32

Dai Yoshihara vs. Sebastien Gauthier

Dai gains an advantage during his lead run with Sebastien straightening at the 2nd outside zone. During his chase run, Dai misjudges Sebastien’s deceleration at the hairpin, causing him to make contact and break his tension rod.  Judges evaluated only Sebastien’s and Dai’s lead runs, since both had incomplete chase runs, and ruled a One More Time (OMT).

Dai’s team was able to repair the tension rod before the OMT battle, and runs a strong lead run.  Sebastien seems to struggle with his chase due to a clutch issue and calls a competition time out.  Sebastien, unfortunately was not able to repair his vehicle, forfeiting the battle.

TOP 16

Dai Yoshihara vs. Justin “JTP” Pawlak

Dai runs a smooth and solid lead run, while Justin follows Dai’s transition.  Justin makes a slight adjustment after the 2nd outside zone, but was able to mirror Dai during the rest of the run.

On Dai’s chase run, he taps the wall at initiation causing him to go off line.  With the disadvantage of not completing his chase run, Dai finishes Round 1 at 9th place.