Dai Yoshihara Recaps the 2019 Formula Drift Event In Orlando

Round 2: Orlando Speed World
Orlando, FL

April 26-27, 2019

Qualifying 1st Run Score: 92
Qualifying 2nd Run Score: 99
Qualified: 2nd
Finished: 5th
2019 Current Standing: 9th

Competition Recap

TOP 32
Dai Yoshihara vs. Dan Burkett

During Dai’s lead run with Dan, he emulates his qualifying run and keeps it smooth through the course, while Dan falls behind before the second inside clipping point. On Dai’s chase run, he was able to keep the pressure and proximity close throughout his chase run, and with unanimous decisions from the judges, Dai advances to the Top 16.

TOP 16
Dai Yoshihara vs. Ryan Tuerck

Dai leads with a high and smooth line close to the wall on the first outside zone, while Ryan takes a shallower line. As Dai chases Ryan, he was able to mirror Ryan on the first outside zone, but slightly falling back towards the end. The judges felt Dai was smoother, cleaner, and more controlled on the lead and chase runs, landing him in the Great 8.

Dai Yoshihara vs. Chris Forsberg

Dai completes another strong and smooth lead run. Chris initiates lower and with less angle on the first outside zone, making a correction to gain proximity between the two inside clips, and finishes close to Dai. During Dai’s chase run, he falls behind on the cross over and ends up with a distance through to the finish line. The judges felt that Chris was more aggressive and did a better job getting close to Dai, giving Chris the win.

Dai finishes Round 2 in 5th place. Chris Forsberg finishes second after reaching the final.