Dai Yoshihara Encounters Problems at 2019 Formula Drift St. Louis

Round 6: World Wide Technology Raceway

St. Louis, MO
August 9-10, 2019

Qualifying 1st Run Score: 79
Qualifying 2nd Run Score: 88
Qualified: 11th
Finished: 12th

2019 Current Standing: 9th


TOP 32

Dai Yoshihara vs Dork Stratton

During Dai’s lead run, he created a gap between himself and Dirk from the start. Dirk tried to close the gap but was not able to during the course of the run. Dirk also spun before the finish line, resulting in an incomplete score.

Dai followed Dirk during his chase run with good proximity throughout the course. With the advantage of Dirk’s incomplete on Dai’s lead run, it was a clear choice for the judges to give Dai the win.



Dai Yoshihara vs Ryan Tuerck

Dai chased on the first run and kept close proximity with Ryan through Outside Zone 1, but lost proximity coming into Touch & Go 1 as he went through Ryan’s smoke screen. Dai had a strong lead run and was able to create a gap after Touch & Go 1. Ryan charged towards Dai in an to attempt to close the gap by Touch & Go 2. As Dai slowed to make the last turn, Ryan spun out at Inside Clip 2. However, the judges deemed Dai at fault for slowing down before initiating, causing Ryan to spin. This gave Ryan the win.