Kenji Hondas

“DAI. Drives” Episode 5: Kenji Sumino Old School Honda Civic and CRX

Old school Honda fans — we have a special treat for you! In the latest episode of “DAI.Drives”, ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara not only gets to test drive two of the most iconic Hondas from the ’90s: the CRX and Civic hatchback.

Not only are they both packed with B-series punch, but they’ve either been painstakingly restored or maintained in showroom condition (and then some). Plus, when you see the reaction Dai gets from driving the turbocharged hatchback, you’ll know why Kenji Sumino, president of GReddy, went the distance with his project!

Older Hondas, especially if they’ve been engine swapped or boosted, benefit tremendously from using high-quality ENEOS performance lubricants because it’s often the motor oil the cars were developed with back in the day. In fact, ENEOS is used by the majority of Japanese vehicle manufacturers, such as Honda. ENEOS expertise from working with all the major Asian manufacturers and leading race teams allows us to engineer high-quality performance lubricants, utilizing advanced base oil technology and additives. These provide vehicles with optimal protection against wear, even under the most extreme conditions, while also reducing friction for superior power and fuel savings.

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