Countdown to SEMA: Looking Back at ENEOS Feature Vehicles Part 3

As every SEMA Show rolls around, ENEOS always seeks out the perfect vehicle to represent our brand. Capturing our JDM spirit is essential, and in 2016 we found the perfect specimen: a 1971 Nissan Hakosuka – the first generation of the famous Skyline family and one of Japan’s most sought-after sports cars.

Owned by Ginash George from Chicago, IL, this GT-X may not have been the top of the line GT-R, but it’s no less of a dream car. He found his example through Utah-based JDM Legends. He was on their waiting list for about six months before the right car showed up but, as you can see, the wait was more than worthwhile.

It arrived at JDM Legends completely stock, and the company’s small team of experts went to work restoring and then modifying the Hakosuka to show standards. The exterior was upgraded with the GT-R’s front and rear spoilers, fender flares and tail lights. Under the hood, the original L20A was retained and upgraded with Weber carburetors, a factory GT-R header and a Fujitsubo exhaust.

Naturally, Ginash’s GT-X was a hit at the 2016 SEMA Show in the ENEOS booth. It was recognized by Super Street Magazine in its annual SEMA Awards, being awarded Top Honors in the tuner segment out of respect for car builders like Ginash and JDM Legends. “The reception at SEMA was unbelievable,” Ginash said. “I was humbled by the reactions of those who stopped by to see it.”

Our Countdown to SEMA continues here next week as we look back at another milestone before reaching the 2019 SEMA Show, where Super Street will debut its A90 Toyota Supra project in the ENEOS Booth #24415 in Central Hall.

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Photos: Super Street | Driving Line