Best Quote: “What a difference! Better performance, better gas mileage, and better protection! Anytime I tore down a motor with ENEOS in it, it was always clean, none of that gunky black buildup.”

Garage/Repair Shop: Carz Performance

Owner: Lucas Guadagni
Sales & Marketing Manager: Logan Dimick
Head Fabricator: Logan Kirk
Lead Mechanic:
Matt Alvarado
Location: Lakewood, CO
Started in: 2004
What’s the genesis of the business? 
“At the onset, Carz Performance specialized mainly in DSM’s and the new Lancer Evolution. Since then we have evolved into one of Colorado’s only performance parts retailers, installer and tuners for multiple platforms. We are AEM, ProEFI and Cobb certified tuners. We strive to bring the highest level of professionalism in our builds and regular maintenance. At the end of the day, we just like to go fast!”

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What is the company mission or philosophy?
Carz Performance believes in using the highest quality parts for their jobs. From engine management systems, fuel systems to oil. Every part plays its own.

About the team and how you first become interested in cars:
The entire team started with Legos… which led to cars when they could get their hands on them.
Lucas Guadagni: Opening a speed shop was a life goal of Lucas and his father. His father raced professionally for the NHRA Pro Stock class and is a huge collector of cars. That being said, cars have been in Lucas’ family for quite a while. His primary talents at the shop are calibration and engine building.
Logan Dimick got bit by the car bug with his first car and has since built multiple chassis for drifting and street driving as well as competing in local and out of state events. He’s been racing for 7 years. At the shop, Logan handles sales, social media, and scheduling.
Logan Kirk started racing Go Karts early on in his life, leading to Formula racing and road racing. With great success in both areas, he now has his sights on the Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb. He has an exceptional viewpoint for dynamics when building and and preparing race cars. At Carz Performance, Logan is the guy who makes everything look amazing with his awesome fabrication skills and attention to detail.
Matt Alvarado‘s first car spun him into building and drag racing locally. He’s the company work horse, always nose to the grindstone to get projects done.

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Where to Buy ENEOS

What sets you apart from others?
“We are very fortunate to have the support we do. Our shop has a massive inventory that no other shop in Colorado can rival. We are able to supply enthusiasts and racers alike with quality parts TODAY. We are also direct with over 80% of the products we carry so we can cut the middleman cost and give the savings and supply to our customers.
In addition, we pride ourselves on our quality. We have many customers who have had high performance builds and tunes done by us that have stood the test of time. Still to this day, we have customers bringing us their cars to service that we built when we first opened. High quality parts and “going the extra mile” pays off time and time again. We stand behind our customers and our parts.
We are also one of the few shops as well versed in complicated EMS systems in the tri-state area. We have customers coming from multiple states just so we can work on their car. “

On using ENEOS:

When did you start using ENEOS products?
“We have been using ENEOS since 2010.”
Which ENEOS products do you use?
ENEOS Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

What specifically have you noticed about using ENEOS products?
“What a difference! Better performance, better gas mileage, and better protection! Anytime I tore down a motor that had ENEOS used in it, it was always clean, none of that gunky black buildup that you see with poor quality oil.

When did you start racing cars and how did it evolve?
“I had this old Mustang as my first car and thought it was the coolest thing (and fastest) ever. I got it handed to me by a junky, SR20 swapped 240sx one night on the way home, and thought to myself, “I want one of those”. Not more than a month later, I met a kid who was into drifting, which was not very big out here in 2007, but it got my attention so I started messing around with 240’s. That eventually led me into this never ending money pit that I love. I have been competing in events since about 2010, and have been able to travel out of state for a couple events here and there.” – Logan Dimick

The remaining Carz Performance crew are involved in Drag Racing. On the shop’s side of things, they have many customers who compete in local events that they support here in Colorado. One of the shop cars competes at the Bonneville Salt Flats each year. “Unfortunately the salt was poor this year, but there is always next year to break that record!”
Favorite Racing Moments:
“The first drive after swapping a V8 into my ’89 240sx from the SR20. Biggest grin ever! Also, meeting a lot of Formula D racers through going to events, it’s always a nice bonus when you get to pick their brains.” – Logan Dimick

Thanks Carz Performance for your excellence in the automotive industry, for sharing your stories, and for being ENEOS People!

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