Bonus Content: Dai Yoshihara 2021 Tesla Model 3 Pikes Peak

Although we’ll have to wait patiently until next year to see ENEOS ambassador Dai Yoshihara make another attempt to conquer the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with the Turn 14 Distribution / Toyo Tires / ENEOS / Evasive Motorsports Pikes Peak Tesla Model 3, that doesn’t mean the team will stop making improvements in the meantime. In fact, Evasive recently took the car back to familiar territory 一 Buttonwillow Raceway, home track for many Time Attack events and where they have set numerous track records. The goal was to apply what was learned in Colorado to see if they could set a new EV lap record on the track.

On a hot Friday morning, the Evasive trailer unloaded the Model 3 to begin testing at a SoCal Drivers Club track day. Using a set up almost identical to the Pikes Peak configuration (including tires), Dai made two-lap runs to avoid draining the battery excessively. Without a supercharging station nearby, the Tesla was charged slowly on-site, limiting its track time. And as the temperature rose above 100 degrees, they needed to make each session count.

Evasive tried a couple of different setups, and while they hoped to dip into the 40sec lap times, the charging time, heat, worn tires and aero experiments allowed Dai to successfully (and unofficially) re-establish his production EV lap record with a 1:51sec lap time. And while they hadn’t moved the bar any higher, you can bet Evasive will study the data from this session and dial-in the Tesla for future success leading up to the next Race to the Clouds.


Catch all the video Pikes Peak International Hill Climb content from Dai Yoshihara and Pit and Paddock below: