Ben Hobson Vehicle


Joining Odi at both Team Feal and Team ENEOS is Ben Hobson, who will be mounting a renewed effort in the Formula DRIFT PROSPEC Championship in 2023. After an explosive rookie year in 2021, Ben placed tenth overall and repeated the feat in 2022. However, he’s stepping things up this year with the Pedal Commander / Feal Suspension Nissan S14 built by Team Feal.

In a match made in heaven, both Ben and Odi started their racing careers on two wheels and will be attacking the PRO and PROSPEC titles on almost identical cars shod with GT Radial tires. Ben’s car is a Nissan S14 but is fitted with the same 7.0L Texas Speed LSR racing engine although it must use a Link ECU to comply with PROSPEC regulations. However, the car also has the same G-Force transmission, diff, bodywork, Feal 443 drift suspension and more. It will also use the same ENEOS engine and gear oil to significantly reduce wear and offer a small but valuable power advantage.