Red Sox

red-sox-logo-final-reverse-without-white-borderENEOS Motor Oil is the proud partner of the Boson Red Sox Major League Baseball team. The sponsorship began with the 2015 season spring training, and will include the ENEOS logo on the video boards of historic Fenway Park.

 For this partnership, ENEOS will be recognized as The Official Motor Oil of the Boston Red Sox. This association with the Boston Red Sox is another way ENEOS demonstrates our commitment to high performance, both in baseball and the automotive industry.


ENEOS Partnership

Partnership Details

During the season, home page attendees will see the ENEOS logo on the centerfield video board panel, as well as a fan giveaway at Fenway Park. All fans may also notice the ENEOS logo’s classic orange swirls on Spring Training and Japanese media interview backdrops. As part of the sponsorship agreement, ENEOS ads will be featured in the Spring Training and each of the six regular season editions of Red Sox Magazine.

Red Sox Foundation’s New England Red Sox Service Scholarship Program

ENEOS also sponsors the Red Sox Foundation’s New England Red Sox Service Scholarship Program,  a fund for New England area high school seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to community service. More about New England Red Sox Service Scholarship Program



History of ENEOS & Baseball

JX Nippon Oil & Energy has a long tradition of supporting baseball in Japan, including their team JX-ENEOS, which recently achieved its 11th winning season of the Intercity Baseball Tournament and regularly competes in the World Baseball Challenge. In 2014, JX Nippon Oil & Energy also sponsored the Women’s Baseball World Cup as the title sponsor, and consistently support Japanese women’s and disabled players’ baseball leagues.


JX-ENEOS baseball club is based in Yokohama-city, Kanagawa, Japan and is the corporate baseball team which is a subsidiary of the Japan Amateur Baseball Association. (A dormitory and a practice ground are located in Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa.)

In 1950, the team was created as “Nisseki Caltex baseball club,” (Nisseki Caltex later became JX Nippon Oil & Energy, parent company of ENEOS). Their regional rivals include NKK, Nissan Motors, Isuzu Motors, and others, whom they reguarly compete against to advance to the national tournaments. After pitcher Motoshi Fujita (who later became well-known worldwide during global baseball tournaments) joined the JX-ENEOS team, the club won its first Intercity Baseball Tournament game in 1956. The club has also sent four people to professional leagues, and has contained an athlete from the Olympic games in Atlanta. Another former JX-ENEOS club player is pitcher Junichi Tazawa (presently with the Boston Red Sox), who was recruited by JX-ENEOS in 2008, and acheived the record for most victories for the club in recent years. In 2012, JX-ENEOS won their 10th season victory, and in 2013 were season winners for the 11th time.

The Japan Amateur Baseball Association includes a league of adult teams sponsored by Japanese corporations. Japanese blue-chip companies have their own amateur team who competes in Intercity Baseball Tournaments to advance to the nationwide corporate tournament, which is held annually. Corporate teams have also adopted the designated hitter rule. Top players on Corporate Baseball teams are frequently drafted by Japanese professional teams in early rounds and are expected to contribute significantly the following season. Some players are recruited by Major League Baseball, although they typically progress to the Japenese pro teams first.