ENEOS Quality Control Technician

Martha Akers - Quality Control Technician

Martha Akers – Quality Control Technician

Best Quote: “My favorite thing about my job is the interaction with people from the other departments.”

Work Location: JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA Inc – Lubricants Alabama Plant, Childersburg, Alabama

Quality Control Technician

How long working at ENEOS/JX Nippon Oil & Energy?
9 years

Job Description:

Quality Control
Tests and inspects raw material in process and finished products to ensure that all processes produce products that meet or exceed the company or customer requirements. 

Environmental Control
Ensure guidelines established by JX Nippon Oil & Energy / ENEOS for environmental policies and proceedures are followed. 


IMG_2198Favorite thing about job:

“I enjoy the interaction with people from the other departments.”

Favorite thing about ENEOS / JX Nippon Oil & Energy:

“I really enjoy learning new things and helping the company to be successful. I’ve been with JX Nippon for 9 years and I know that the opportunity is available for everyone to advance. The type of human resource growth is what creates a great working environment for the JX Nippon team.


Interests and Hobbies:
Travel, gardening, running, watching baseball

Family and Pets:
Married with two children, Abril and Joshua. Two dogs: Maddie and Chico.

Favorite thing about where you live/work: 
“Sweet Home Alabama” for the last 13 years, this has been my home. Everything is “green” here. I do remember saying that when we just moved here. And the best thing about my location… my job is just 8 minutes away from home.




What is something about ENEOS you feel most people don’t know, but should?
“I think the average person (in North America) does not understand how big and influential JX Nippon is in other parts of the world.”


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